Our Sleeping Cabins improves aerodynamic and have modern look & shape!

Our company puts a lot of effort into manufacturing the highest quality sleeping cabins in order to satisfy every customer. Currently we offer 2 models: Rooftop & Extended Cab. Both sleepers work as spoilers and wind deflectors at the same which improves vehicle’s MPG

Our company always look for innovative solutions and implement the newest technologies which makes possible for us to offer very light sleeping cabins that weigh only 155 lbs and meet all required quality and safety standards.

At Synergy Upfit we commit to pay attention not only on manufacturing of our products, but also on its installation. That’s why every sleeping cabin that we build and install always exceeds all quality and safety expectations!

Standard package for every sleeper model includes:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Velour upholstery
  • Two windows (in Rooftop models)
  • Side Wings (in Rooftop models)
  • Comfortable mattress
  • Light
  • 2 regulated ventilation grates
  • Compartments for personal belongings
  • 12V Outlet



Additional Options:

  • Sunroof
  • Outside LED Lights Bracket
  • Cabin Heating System
  • A/C Hose Installation (in Rooftop models)
  • Ladder Installation (in Rooftop models)
  • Power Inverter

Rooftop Model

Extended Cab Model

Extended Cab XL Model

***NEW*** Pro30 Rooftop Sleepers